Mobile Robot Simulator

Configurable 2D simulator of mobile robots. Features a graphical interface where robots and objects are easily configured and a built-in BASIC editor for simulation development.

MOBOTSIM is a software (Win 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP) for 2D simulation of differential drive mobile robots. It provides a graphical interface that represents an environment in which you can easily create, set and edit robots and objects.

In order to set these mobots in motion MOBOTSIM has a BASIC Editor in which the user can write macros making use of specific functions to get information about robots coordinates and sensor data and to set speed and driving data for them, as well as making use of all the power and ease of BASIC language to program navigation techniques.

MOBOTSIM has been developed thinking in researchers, students, roboticists and hobbyists who want to design, test and simulate mobile robots and research topics like autonomous navigation techniques, obstacle avoidance, artificial intelligence, a-life, data sensor integration, etc.


  • Unlimited number of robots and obstacles.
  • Several obstacle shapes (line, rectangle, round rectangle, arc, ellipse, sector, chord) and free-hand drawing.
  • Mobots are differential drive.
  • Simulation of Ranging Sensors (typically ultrasonic sensor)
  • Flexible Configuration of Mobots – Platform diameter, wheels diameter, distance between wheels, number of ranging sensors, angle between sensors.
  • Configuration of ranging sensors – radiation cone, range, misreading percentage.
  • Each mobile robot has a configurable grid to map the environment. Automatic Certainty Grid method available with use of Ranging Sensor functions.
  • Development of simulation through quick and easy BASIC macro writing. Fully Visual Basic for Applications – compatible.
  • Control program flow and set breakpoints, step-over, step-into, and step-out.
  • View debug info such as watch variables, view the call-stack and loaded modules.
  • Easy integration of third parties ActiveX controls and dll files. You can add specific tools to the BASIC editor developed to make use of Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, etc.


Getting Started: a Wall Following Robot

Click here to view a tutorial on how to develop a simple simulation of a mobile robot that follows a wall to its right.
It takes only a few lines of BASIC code.

Download MobotSim Trial Version