CloudFarming - Mission planner for agricultural robots

Preliminary version

After years of developing WebFarming and SAFAR some of the tools used in these projects are deprecated and I started a new project based on new technologies.

The new project -CloudFarming- is a dynamic mission planner for agricultural robots, based on a cloud computing platform with a modern web application as front-end, and a serverless back-end.


The following videos show the current state of the system and how to use it.

This first video illustrates how the user can create farms with multiple fields by drawing their boundaries on the map and run the Route Planner to generate an optimal route. The resulting route is optimized according to different parameters configured by the user:


The following video demonstrates the integration of the web application with sensors and actuators through ROS (Robot Operating System). In the example, a camera, an IMU sensor, and a laser range-finder are connected to the system:


This last video shows how CloudFarming publishes a ROS message containing the chosen route and a simulated Husky UGV ( is steered using a waypoint navigation algorithm:


The Route Planner can also be integrated into third party applications since it can be called as a web service.

The system is online for those who want to try it. If you are interested, please write me at:  or use the online contact form requesting the URL to obtain a username and password.

Your comments and proposals are welcome!

Technologies used:
Back-end: AWS serverless (AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, Amazon DynamoDB)
Front-end: Javascript/ReactJS – ROS (robot operating system)